Travel mindsets

dolphins baja

Solo travel takes a certain kind of mindset, a frame of mind that welcomes or accepts solitude, that invites quiet and contemplation, that runs on self-sufficiency and a certain compactness.

This trip is not a solo trip. This is travel with my husband with only some joint travel under our belts, not enough so I know when his zig means I should zag or if he expects me to zig with him.

I find the best way to ease into joint travel is to make myself quiet and compact as on a solo trip but to be not just malleable – which is a good way to travel with less friction – but also sensitive to and aware of the energy and dynamic of the other person. Responsive and considerate are two other qualities that smooth out the entry for the journey.

Calm is the all important layer that should cover every moment possible.

We stay in our own heads and in our own worlds in the beginning of this trip, stuck in our habits from home. Me on my iPhone reading or typing, he in a book or a piece of equipment.

Ahead of us is a place we’ve never been, together or apart. Setting foot together on uncharted land and soon sea. Under the quiet surface is the churning of nerves in my gut, of anticipation, and some wariness. And a bit if weariness which I hope subsides with the sun and sea air. The winter has been brutal to us both,  dark and cold drying up our wells of energy and all our reserves.

This trip is partly for replenishment of energy, spirit and soul with equal parts connecting and creating new shared experiences.

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